SSK Certification

AH Schooten Plaza Den Helder achieved the Super Supermarket Quality Certificate in 2018.. We are naturally very proud of that.

What is the SSK quality mark?

If you see the Super Supermarket Quality Mark on the shop front, you know that this supermarket is run by an independent entrepreneur who is locally and socially involved!



Super Supermarket Quality Certificate (SSK) themes

The entrepreneurs of Super Supermarket Quality Certificate supermarkets have proven themselves to be extra committed to the seven themes related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
The themes are built up from the ISO 26000 criteria and drawn up by the trade association ‚ÄúVakcentrum en Kennisorganisatie‚ÄĚ TNO:

Local involvement
The involvement of SSK entrepreneurs goes further than just the store. They are actively committed to the quality of life in their neighbourhood. For example, with a sponsorship of neighbourhood activities or associations, an active membership of an association of entrepreneurs, or support for the elderly or young parents with for example a meeting corner or a children's corner.

Distinctive assortment
There are special products on the shelves of SSK supermarkets: many organic, fair trade or local products. They also coordinate their supply well with local demand.

Stimulating personnel policy
SSK entrepreneurs pay close attention to being a good employer. For example with a diverse workforce, good working conditions or training for the staff.

Sustainable with energy
SSK entrepreneurs use energy consciously. For example, they use green energy or reuse their residual heating. They are alert to their energy consumption when lighting or heating their store, or to cool their products.

Waste collection and reduction
Less waste is what SSK entrepreneurs like. That is why they encourage the separation and reduction of waste with all kinds of collection options in and (just) outside the supermarket. For example, through collaboration with the local food bank or by creating opportunities for separating waste in and around the store.

Safety and prevention
Health and safety are important for SSK entrepreneurs. Therefore they take extra measures, visible and invisible, to guarantee the safety and health of costumers and staff. For example by active theft prevention or providing healthy lunches for employees.

Transport and logistics
Efficient and environmentally friendly store supplies are what SSK entrepreneurs strongly encourage. They pay extra attention to a good flow in the store at the cash registers, for example. Moreover, they are alert to the accessibility of the store, for example with sufficient (bicycle) parking and a home delivery service.

More information on the SSK website